Cirque du Mac: This Party Goes to Eleven

It's that time again. Or, well, it's time to talk about Cirque du Mac, but since Macworld/iWorld is happening during a new date range for their show, it means it's technically not that time again. But that's just nitpicking, isn't it?

Either way, Cirque du Mac is happening on Friday, March 28th, 2014 and this time... this year... this party goes to eleven! (or maybe 11:30 if we're all feeling energetic!). That's right, folks, we've partied through a decade of Cirque du Mac together and now it's time to celebrate that win. Cirque will, of course, have something for everyone (well, everyone who likes to have fun, that is). 

The Macworld All-Star Band will perform our second gig of the year (the first one was just a taste as we opened for the Mac 30th celebration back in January). For those of you new to this, the Macworld All-Star Band is not just any band, it's any band comprised of your Mac-industry peers, because laughing at watching your friends suffer rock on stage is more fun than watching people you don't know. Those people are Paul Kent, Bob LeVitus, Duane Straub, Chris Breen, Chuck La Tournous, Bryan Chaffin, and me. Naturally.

In addition to the band, we'll have face painters, magicians, jugglers, maybe a caricaturist, some additional surprises and, of course, free drinks for you courtesy of your Cirque du Mac sponsors. 

I can't stress enough how vital these sponsors are to making this party happen. Without all of them Cirque du Mac would simply not be possible, so we all have these companies to thank for showing all of us in the Apple industry how much they love us. They're not at the party to pitch us, they're not there to show us their wares, they're there to show their love for this community we all live in every day, and that's simply awesome. And, of course, they're there to party arm-in-arm with us.

With that, please take a moment to thank ProjectWizards, The Omni Group, Kromtech, Drobo and Antec Mobile Products. There may be one or two other sponsors coming on board between now and the party, too ({encode="[email protected]" title="let me know"} if you're interested and I'll get you details), but these are the folks who came on board early enough to make this party happen.

Tickets are, as always, invite-only. Talk to your favorite sponsor. Talk to your favorite TMO editor or podcaster. And watch this space. You'll have a chance to attend.