clipEdit Get Maintenance Update

Everyday Software has updated their clipping editor, clipEdit, to version 2.1.3. clipEdit allows users to save and edit picture or text clippings without the need of separate software package. According to Everyday Software:

Everyday Software is pleased to announce clipEdit 2.1.3. This version is primarily a maintenance release, which fixes a bug that would cause clipEdit to freeze after extended periods of use. It is recommended for all users of clipEdit

ClipEdit is a small application that allows you to create and edit text and picture clippings. Yes, you read correctly....edit clippings! ClipEdit also exports any internet address to an internet clipping. ClipEdit is very flexible with many customizable settings. And now with the handy toolbar editing a text clipping is even easier yet!

clipEdit is available for US$5. While clipEdit does not yet run natively under OS X, Everyday Software is planning OS X native versions of clipEdit, Bookit, and Quick Change. You can find more information at the Everyday Software web site.