Coladia Brings Return to Mysterious Island 2 to Mac OS X

French publisher Coladia on Thursday announced that the Jules Verne-inspired Return to Mysterious Island 2 is now available for Mac OS X.  Inspired by Verne’s novel “The Mysterious Island,” this game picks up where the first game left off, as Mina finds herself trapped on the island after her rescue helicopter crashes.

While exploring the island with her monkey, Jep, she comes across Captain Nemo’s old base, along with the ruins of an unknown situation. Soon she learns that Nemo’s ghost haunts the area and a disease threatens the island’s eco-system. Players switch control between Mina and Jep, each of whom has handy abilities, such as Mina’s ability to read documents and combine objects and Jep’s climbing skills and enhanced sense of smell.

Return to Mysterious Island 2 runs on Intel- and G5-based Macs with 1.6GHz processors and 512MB of RAM. Pricing is US$29.90, and a demo is available.