Collect Timed Screen Shots With MonitorMyMac

Arten Science released MonitorMyMac on Thursday. MonitorMyMac takes timed snapshots of a computer screen and/or takes snapshots from a connected Webcam.

The images taken by MonitorMMac can be stored locally, or remotely and are also optionally uploaded to a FTP server so they can they be accessed from anywhere with Internet Access. MonitorMyMac also has 'Full Stealth' capability.

MonitorMyMac also features:

  • Save Images to a Quicktime Movie / Slideshow
  • Built in Image Viewer
  • Ability to convert Selected Images to a Quicktime Movie
  • User Definable Image Quality and Snapshot Interval
  • Three Webcam Image Size Choices
  • Activity Log with TimeStamp

A Trial Version of MonitorMyMac can be downloaded from the Arten Science site. The Trial Version is fully functional but only allows 10 snapshots before a restart is required. MonitorMyMac can be purchased for $US40.