Color Co-founder Peter Pham Leaves the Building

The photo-based social networking service Color hit the Web with a big splash back in March, then quickly faded into the background. Now, only a few months after its launch, company co-founder Peter Pham has left the company, according to AllThingsD.

Apparently Mr. Pham left the company over a month ago. No reason for his departure was given.

Color for iPhoneColor promised to change social networking with photos

“I wish him the absolute best. He’s really good at deals,” commented Color CEO Bill Nguyen. “For a company that’s on the verge of being able to use distribution to scale he’s going to be amazing.”

Color launched in March with an iPhone app that let users post photos and see photos from other near-by users. Instead of following specific people, the app and service was designed to be more dynamic by showing content based on proximity.

While the concept was clever, the service hasn’t taken off like its founders had hoped. Despite its luke warm reception, Mr. Nguyen said his company is still hiring and has more product launches in the works.

Mr. Pham hasn’t said what he plans to do now that he has left Color.