comScore: iPad Claims 89% of Worldwide Tablet Traffic

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Users of Apple’s iPad generated some 89% of all digital traffic from tablets across the globe, according to metrics firm comScore. The company released a report looking at non-computer traffic on the Internet Friday, a report that found Apple’s iOS devices were generating the majority of such traffic across all the markets examined during the month of May.

“The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets,” comScore wrote in its report. “The iPad’s contribution to total non-computer device traffic is highest in Canada (33.5 percent).”

The company also said that Brazil has the second highest non-computer device share coming from the iPad (31.8%), but that non-computer devices accounted for less than 1% of total traffic in that market.

The chart below shows the stark reality of just dominating the iPad is when it comes to people actually using their tablets. The numbers in the chart represent tablet traffic as a percentage of total non-computer traffic, but it’s the relative strength of the iPad compared to Android and other tablets that stands out so strongly.

Share of tablet traffic

Chart by The Mac Observer with data from comScore
(Click the image for a larger graph with all of the countries labeled)

Looking at all non-computer devices around the planet, we can see the strength of the Android platform in the smartphone market. The easiest way to demonstrate this was by isolating U.S. data, which you can see in the pie chart below.

“Interestingly, we can see that while Android tablets significantly lag behind Apple in the U.S. tablet market, the platform actually bests Apple in the Smartphone space (35.6 percent vs. 23.5 percent),” comScore wrote.

Share of non-computer traffic in U.S.

Chart by The Mac Observer with data from comScore

If we break the data down by operating system, as Apple attempts to do whenever it can, the picture looks a lot different. While “just tablets” or “just smartphones” is important for some people and companies, “just operating system” is important, too.

In the pie chart below, we have the data grouped by operating system, which means that Apple’s iPod touch is combined with the iPad and the iPhone. In this light, Apple’s iOS generated 53% of all non-computer traffic, and Android was #2 with 37%.


Share of non-computer traffic by platform

Chart by The Mac Observer with data from comScore

We should stress that the two pie charts represent only U.S. data. The report showed that in some markets iPhone generated as much as 50% of total data (Singapore, Australia and Japan)…In fact, let’s look at just the smartphone data.

Share of non-computer traffic generated by smartphone by country

Chart by The Mac Observer with data from comScore
(Click the image for a larger graph with all of the countries labeled)

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Very intelligent use of graphics. I particularly like the y-axis fraction of all device Internet access, including computers.

I recommend you revisit these after the release of iPhone 4s (or 5), particularly as industry analysts are claiming falling Android sales (US only) and pent up demand for an iPhone refresh. I have seen no data on declining US sales, and am somewhat sceptical, but do concur with the surge potential in iPhone sales and market share for smart phones.


I REALLY wish that people would get their facts right. Comscore’s statement was not that the iPad accounts for 89% of worldwide tablet traffic. Rather, it was that it accounts for AT LEAST 89% of tablet traffic in every country they looked at.

Brazil is 89%. Every other country was at least 95%. The U.S. was 97%.  Given that every country but Brazil was 95% or more, the average is clearly in the high 90’s, not 89%.

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