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Designer Olivier Demangel sent us a video and photos of a mockup he put together for an “iPhone nano.” Just like an iPod nano, you could wear Mr. Demangel’s design like a watch, and we thought it was cool enough to show you.

Concept Mockup of

Concept Mockup of “iPhone Nano” Watch

“The concept was to keep the dimensions of the iPod nano with a Retina Display for a screen,” Mr. Demangel told The Mac Observer in an email. “You have all the features of an iPhone on your wrist, including a camera, a speaker and a microphone.”

Doubting Thomases will note that such a device would never fly due to the lack of screen real estate for a proper dialer. The notion of being stuck with Siri as one’s sole dialing solution wouldn’t be palatable to most folks…

…but it would be super awesome cool!

A lot of mockups and other concept videos cross our desk, but we thought this one was really fun.

Concept Video

Concept Mockup of

Concept Mockup of “iPhone Nano” Watch

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Pretty sure Apple could make a scrolling dialer work.


Battery life would be terrible judging by the thinness of the case and thickness of the display.

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This type of device seems possible but not as a phone within itself. By just updating the os on the current ipod nano that is out and with the new ios 6 coming out for the iphone (and obviously the new iphone 5), this could be used as a peripheral to the iPhone similar to what the Live View is the the Sony phones.
The only thing is it would have to be an apple branded add on to the current nano which automatically makes it expensive, adding that to the price of the iPhone and the nano you’re racking up a hefty bill, but on the other hand once the company does make something like this device, because the software is already there that opens up the opportunity to third party developers and that would be even more interesting to see let alone if they work properly


Sony Ericsson have already created something similar.  Do you think that perhaps SE should sue Apple if the above item is released?

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