Consumer Reports Ranks Apple Best for Customer Support

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If you're looking for the best after-purchase support for your computer, smartphone, or tablet, Apple is the way to go, according to Consumer Reports latest tech support study. Apple has come out as the top customer support company for the past ten years, and this year managed to beat its previous high score by four points.

CR says Apple has the best tech supportCR says Apple has the best tech support yet again

Apple earned a score of 86 out of 100, beating out second place Lenovo's 63 by a long shot. For general problem solving in-store, Apple was able to solve 88 percent of the support problems tossed its way, where EasyTech (Staples) solved 73 percent, and Geek Squad (Best Buy) solved 70 percent.

According to CR,

[Apple] scored far higher than the other big companies for the elements that make for successful online and phone support: ease of contacting staff, clarity of advice, technical knowledge, patience, and time for follow-up.

Apple ranked equally high for in-store support and online or phone support. "Whatever way readers asked for tech help—by phone (the most common way), online, or in person—Apple was also able to solve more computer problems," the survey said.

CR's annual survey was conducted in January and included subscribers who made new technology purchases in the past 12 months.

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When you buy tech gear, you're also buying technical support. Based on the Consumer Reports survey results, shoppers consistently get more for their support dollars when they buy Apple.

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I don’t doubt this is true, other sources such as J.D. Powers have come up with similar results. However it IS Consumer Reports, so I am automatically suspicious of what they say.


This is quirky.  CR has been quite harsh on Apple gear in times past.

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