Continuity Keypad Makes Calling From Yosemite Easier

With the release of Yosemite for the Mac and iOS 8.1, the Continuity and Handoff features shown in the WWDC Keynote presentation are now possible. Notable among them is the ability to take a phone call on your Mac, but what if you want to make one? A utility called Continuity Keypad, now in beta, is available for just this purpose. If you have the number, just fire up Continuity Keypad, dial, and you're off to the races. Or the phone calls. Or whatever.

There isn't much on the site itself besides a link to download the beta. You can find out more on the Continuity Keypad Twitter account, including plans for the Mac App Store and updates to the beta. Right now those plans include ending up in the Mac App Store at 99 cents, and a steady stream of updates like adding redial and a Notification Center extension. 

If this all seems far too boring, you can always make calls from your computer in geekier ways.