Court Documents Show Samsung Publicly Fudges Galaxy Tab Sales

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Samsung has been caught wallowing in their own truthiness, according to court documents released as part of the current Samsung vs Apple court case. Daniel Eran Dilger over at AppleInsider did some excellent sleuthing and found Samsung’s report of 2 million Galaxy Tabs sold in the first six weeks was false and then some.

Internal Samsung documents show 1 million Tabs sold in all of 2011, compared to iPad sales of 17.4 million, Kindle Fire’s 5 million, and even 1.5 million Nooks, putting Samsung in fourth place.

This bit of information in particular caused a lot of ripples because research firms based reports on Samsung's falsified numbers. IDC said Steve Jobs was wrong about declaring Apple’s 90% market share because those 2 million Galaxy Tabs were 17% of the market. Strategy Analytics said that those 2 million were virtually all of the 2.1 million tablets shipped with Android for that quarter.

Also released were slides from Samsung’s presentation about the 2012 mobile landscape and how Android was projected to own 39% of the Total Addressable Market (TAM), with Samsung presumably selling a large part of the Android devices.

These slides also show a projection of 28 million tablets of any flavor sold in 2011. Looking back, I see that Apple alone sold 40 million tablets worldwide in 2011, quite a few more than Samsung’s total number.

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Samsung didn’t let facts get in the way of what it told people? Fetch me my fainting couch! I’m sure this is only news to the same three people who don’t know Darth Vader is Luke's father.

I like getting to see the stuff we weren’t supposed to see, like internal Samsung documents or what Phil Schiller’s emails actually look like.

Generally, all the legal back and forth isn’t that interesting to me because I have eyes and I can see that Samsung was more than just “inspired” by what Apple released. All the rest is just details, some juicier than others.

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Samsung’s theft is painfully obvious to all but Apple bashers, but gee, you could have given a spoiler alert about the Darth Vader - Luke relationship…


Apple is certainly locked into a battle with Samsung, but don’t forget about their competition with Google.

Has anybody noticed that Google’s stock price has steadily dropped from over 1,000 to now just 530 (and Apple’s is 519)?

How has that not been news. They were nearly double Apple’s stock price for a good long while. And when Apple drops 10 points, it’s MAJOR news.  Yet Google has given up nearly half their stock price over the past few months and it’s gone by quietly.


Google’s stock didn’t drop almost 500 points, otherwise it really would be in the news. They had a stock split Wednesday if I am not mistaken.


I am shocked—SHOCKED—that the Korean company that cheats and steals also lies!  Are their warranties worth anything?


LOL ibuck. They must be getting desperate. Verizon site now advertising all new Galaxy S5 buy 1 get 1 free. Same with all new Samsung ATIV SE and all new HTC One. WOW!! Flagship brands buy 1 get 1 free!! Wish Apple would do that with its flagship iPhones!! Oh wait. They don’t have to!!

I guess the galaxy sales were ‘slow’ and not ‘smooth’ after all. I can’t verbalize how disgusted I am with Samdung’s business practices. Pathetic.


The mystery of what people were doing with all those Android tablets has been solved. They didn’t buy them.


emersive: I had to check that on According to them, Google didn’t even exist before March 27th…

Someone messed up there.


The 52 week high for Google is 614 and change. So the drop is not that dramatic.


It seems that Samsung may be in for more lawsuits - this time from investors alleging they were misled. That could be a whole new round of “ugly”.


gnasher: Google stock split then - sort of. There’s a new stock with the 2-for-1 split price, but the old one still exists. It’s weird and all has to do with Page and Brin keeping voting control. Too long to describe here.

John Dingler, artist

Ha, ha, ha! Wait,...but then Apple’s assertion that Samsung’s alleged theft off Apple’s IPs caused Apple to lose sales weakens Apple’s court battles. Waiting to read how this will sift out.

John Dingler, artist

And The Motley Fool’s dire warning today of Apple’s iPad demise may be relying on Samsung’s grossly fudged sales figures. Author is Adam Levine-Weinberg.

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