Court Denies Motion to Stall Apple, Motorola Patent Cases

Apple’s motion to temporarily stay its patent infringement lawsuits with Motorola Mobility in Florida and Wisconsin have been denied. Apple had hoped to put the lawsuits on hold until Google completes its Motorola Mobility purchase over concerns that the deal’s terms suspended the company’s right to sue.

Apple and Motorola Mobility are facing off in Florida and Wisconsin courts in lawsuits where they are accusing each other of patent infringement.

Apple Motorola cases keep moving forwardApple motion to stay: Denied

The Judge overseeing the Florida case didn’t state a reason for the denial, according to Foss Patents, although the Wisconsin Judge did. That Judge said that while Motorola Mobility’s right to sue may be limited during the Google acquisition, the company “shall have remedy by civil action for infringement of his patent,” and as such shouldn’t be blocked from defending itself.

The agreement Google and Motorola have as part of the merger, according to Foss Patents, limits Motorola Mobility’s ability to defend its patents. Apple’s legal team argued that because of those restrictions Motorola Mobility doesn’t have the right to sue.

“Apple should not have to face the threat of an injunction based on the claims of a party that now has no standing to bring those claims,” Apple’s legal team said in its filing. “Apple will be expending enormous resources litigating claims against a party that does not have standing.”

The Judge’s rulings mean both cases will continue to move forward. Apple has not offered a comment.