Crowd Photos from Colorado & Carlsbad iPad 2 Launch

The crowds aren’t as big as at some prior events — including the launch of the original iPad itself — but folks are lining up to be the first to get an iPad 2 at launch events across the country. Earlier today we posted pics tweeted from Apple’s PopUp Apple Store in Austin, TX, and now we have several photos from the Flat Iron Crossing Apple Store in Broomfield, CO, and the Apple Store in Carlsbad, CA.

Jeff Gamet took the photos at Flat Iron Crossing, while Adam Christianson took the pics in Carlsbad.

Flat Iron Crossing Panoramic

This photo was taken outside the Flat Iron Crossing mall with the iPhone app You Gotta See This (US$1.99).
We also uploaded a full-size version (2694 x 883) if you want to see it the way it should be viewed.

Inside the Mall

At the head of the class - Jeff Gamet estimated there were more than 200 people in line Friday afternoon.

Waiting for an iPad 2

Waiting for an iPad 2

Outside the Mall

Flat Iron Crossing is one of the better looking malls in the U.S., for what that’s worth.

The lines were smaller at the Carlsbad Apple Store in California

First Post!

First Post!

Be Prepared

The first folks in line came properly equipped with chairs and hoodies.

More line

You can’t tell from our photos, but there were approximately 50 people waiting in line at the Carlsbad store.

The Water Boy

Ready with refreshments!