Crowd Source-Funding for New MacBook Air Docking Station

A Kickstarter Project from a company called infiniWing aims to create an innovative and useful docking station for MacBook Airs called the “LandingZone.” First reported by MacRumors, the LandingZone utilizes the Air’s USB and Thunderbolt/Mini DisplayPort to offer four USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet port, a separate Mini DisplayPort out, and a Kensington Lock feature.

infiniWing has put together a nice video presentation, highlighting the LandingZone’s features. While the product looks perfect for 2010 MacBook Air owners, the noticeable lack of Thunderbolt makes this less than ideal for 2011 Air owners. The product still works with 2011 MacBook Airs, but it draws video from that port without passing it through to allow users to plug in other Thunderbolt peripherals.

If you have either the 2010 or 2011 Air and are looking for convenient access to ethernet or a Kensington lock, however, the LandingZone provides a relatively cheap solution absent dongles or a $999 Apple Thunderbolt Display.

Kickstarter Projects is an organization that helps new companies find crowd-source funding. The product is currently nearing production and is expected to cost $200, but backers who pledge $159 now will receive one for “free” from the first production run. More information can be found at the product’s website.