Cupertino on New Apple Campus: No Chance We’re Saying No

Earlier this week Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented his company’s proposed new campus to the Cupertino city council, and Mayor Gilbert Wong has replied with an enthusiastic “Yes.” The Mayor said the city will be working with Apple to make sure that the project can move forward.

Mayor Wong digs Apple's spaceship campusMayor Wong says Cupertino is onboard with new Apple campus

“Cupertino is ready for this,” Mr. Wong said. “There’s no chance we’re saying no.”

The proposed new campus includes about 150 acres off Wolfe Road in Cupertino, and will house a four-story spaceship-like building that’s big enough to accommodate between 12,000 and 13,000 employees. According to Mr. Jobs, the campus will be environmentally friendly, offer underground parking, and the grounds will include more trees after construction than are on site now.

“I think we do have a shot at building the best office building in the world,” Mr. Jobs said.

Apple's proposed spaceship campusApple’s proposed “spaceship” campus

Mr. Wong said the city council will complete their review process in fall 2012 and Apple will be able to begin construction shortly thereafter. The new campus should be completed some time in 2015.

“The Mothership has landed in Cupertino,” Mr. Wong said.