Developer Crash Reports Hint at iOS 5 Tests

Apple and AT&T are apparently testing iOS 5 for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in real-world conditions. The crash reports to back up those claims come courtesy of app developer FutureTap, and also show that the operating system tests are being conducted on current devices instead of prototype iPhone models.

iOS 5 tests underwayDevice crash logs hint at new iOS 5 features

The crash reports FutureTap logged, according to 9 to 5 Mac, show most of the crashes came from apps on iPhones in AT&T’s offices, indicating the carrier is currently involved in Apple’s iOS testing process. In Apple’s case, an iPad transmitted app crash info to the developer.

The crash reports for iOS 5.0 relate to a component called MKUserLocationBreadCrumb, which is a location-based feature for maps.

It’s no secret that Apple is working on the next major update for its touch-based mobile device interface, and the company is widely expected to show off iOS 5 features during its annual World Wide Developer Conference scheduled for early June in San Francisco. Presumably internal tests conducted now will lead to internal updates ahead of the presentation.

Apple is sticking with its usual tight-lipped policy and not commenting on unannounced features and rumors. FutureTap’s crash logs, however, are offering up at least a small glimpse of what Apple may have in store for its WWDC keynote presentation.