Diagnose a Sick Battery with Battery Health Monitor

Product Link : Battery Health Monitor 1.5
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The battery in your Mac uses the latest in battery technology, but even the best rechargeable battery degrades over time, and batteries have been known to malfunction. Some information about your battery is buried in Mac OS X, but there’s nothing that really give you the big picture regarding the capabilities of your battery. Enter Battery Health Monitor.

Battery Health Monitor Display

Battery Health Monitor shows all of the important information about your battery in a convenient, graphical format. The first value it shows, which isn’t always easy to obtain, is the Original Capacity of your battery in milliamp-hours. This figure can tell you how long your Mac can operate on a fully charged battery.

For example, if you had a battery with 1000 mAh capacity, and your computer was drawing 1000 mA of current, it would last an hour. Also shown is the Current Capacity, as both a percentage and in mAh, which should be the same as the Original Capacity, but will degrade over time.

Next is the current charge, shown as a percentage of Current Capacity and in mAh; when this reaches zero, your machine will hibernate or shut down. Also shown is charge cycles, as a percentage of the advertised cycles the battery can handle, and a number. Some batteries can function beyond this number.

Finally, the current voltage of the battery is shown. Battery Health Monitor also has several indicators which may light up depending on what you’re doing. There’s A/C Power, Battery Installed, Battery Charging, Battery Charged, UPS Installed, Battery Low Warn, Battery Depleted and Not Chargeable.

So find out what’s up with your battery, or provide a proper diagnosis if you think it’s malfunctioning, and check out Battery Health Monitor today. Have any other Gadgets that let you monitor your power situation? Send an email to John and he’ll fire it up.