Dictionary's Power Reference Tools

Leopardis Dictionary application does far more than offer spelling suggestions and definitions, or as Iive mentioned before, perform Wikipedia searches. It is also chock full of other useful nuggets of information thanks to its Front/Back Matter feature.

Front/Back Matter is loaded with useful reference materials including a lists of the countries of the world, all of the U.S. presidents, all of the states in the U.S., clich?s (including which ones to avoid), and punctuation guides. It also includes the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, weights and measurements conversions, and more.

Finding Dictionaryis Front/Back Matter option.

You can access all of this information like this:

  • Launch Dictionary. Itis hiding in your Applications folder.
  • Choose Go > Front/Back Matter
  • Select the topic you want to display.

Timeline: The history of the English language.

Dictionary is one of the unsung heroes in Mac OS X 10.5. The more you use this application the more useful it becomes.

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