Director Goes Silver Screen with iPhone 4

Popular South Korean film maker Park Chan-wook does more than make phone calls with the iPhone 4. His latest short movie was shot using Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone, and has already begun screening in his home country.

The 30 minute long movie, titled “Paranmanjang,” follows a fisherman that catches the body of a woman that leads into a tale of life and death. The movie footage, along with location searches, auditions, and documentary clips, were shot with the iPhone 4, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Park Chan-wook’s “Paranmanjang”

“We went through all the same film-making processes except that the camera was small,” Mr. Park said. The iPhone 4 captures 720p video at 30 frames per second, which offered enough quality to please Mr. Park even though most pro cameras capture video at 1080p or higher.

Apple’s iPhone service partner in South Korea, KT, offered up US$130,00 for production costs and has been promoting the film, too.

Mr. Park has won the Grand Prix and Jury Prizes at the Cannes Film Festival for his works, and is well know for his film about the divisions between North and South Korea, “JSA.”