Displaying Birthdays in iCal

Address Book lets you store all kinds of information about the people in your life, including birthdays. Keeping track of those birthdays, however, can be a pain - unless you let iCal display them for you.

You can display birthdays from Address Book in iCal.

Address Book can share birthday information with iCal, so each birthday youive added to Address Book appears in your schedule. The feature is off by default, but itis easy to activate. Hereis how:

  • Launch iCal. Itis hiding in your Applications folder.
  • Choose iCal > Preferences.

  • Use iCalis preferences to activate the Birthdays calendar.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Check Show birthdays calendar.

iCalis Birthdays calendar from Address Book.

Now iCal will display a special calendar just for the birthdays you have entered into Address Book. The Birthdays calendar also automatically updates itself when you add, change or remove birthdays from Address Book.

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