DisplayLink Releases Mac Drivers for USB Monitors

DisplayLink announced on Tuesday that they have posted the beta of drivers to support multiple monitors, via USB, on any Intel Mac. The DisplayLink technology is used to support, for example, multiple displays with the DisplayLink USB port built-in or standard monitors that have a DVI to USB adapter added.

The key benefits of the Mac beta drivers include:

  • Add up to 4 additional monitors to any Intel Mac through just USB. Even a Mac Mini can have 4 additional monitors for a total of 5.
  • Dock your MacBook: use a USB docking station to connect your monitor and all peripherals to your Mac with a USB docking stations. Great for a MacBook Air with limited ports.
  • Very easy to use: just install the driver and then itis plug-and-display.
  • Manage and configure using the standard Mac OS X System Preferences.
  • Supports all DisplayLink USB devices including USB graphics adapters, USB monitors, USB docking stations, and USB projectors.
  • Free download from displaylink.com.

The drivers will work with displays, such as the Samsung 2263DX, announced at CES and now shipping, with the DisplayLink USB connector already installed or with any standard monitor with a DVI to USB adapter. Such an adapter is available from, for example, Kensington, IOGEAR and Sewell Direct for about US$100.00, according to DisplayLink. In case of the Samsung monitor, the second, moveable 7 inch display is connected using the DisplayLink technology and requires no additional power supply.

"Samsung is now the worldis leading manufacturer of LCD displays for the PC market, and DisplayLink is helping them stay at the forefront of innovation with our one-of-a-kind USB display technology," said Dennis Crespo, executive vice president of marketing and business development for DisplayLink.

Samsung 2263DX 22-in display includes the DisplayLink technology