DIY Hack-free iPhone App Menu

Hacking your iPhone to add new features like customized application menus is cool, but it isnit the only way to build your own iPhone app screen. AppMarks can create a customized iPhone app menu for you, albeit through a Web interface and only for Web-based applications.

AppMarks is easy to use. Just point your iPhone to the AppMarks Web site, and youill see a pre-built list of popular iPhone Web applications. Tapping an icon opens the associated application in a new Safari browser window.

Build your own iPhone app list wit AppMarks.

If the default application offerings donit suit your needs, you can create a free AppMarks account where you add and remove Web apps and even Web sites from your application list. AppMarks includes an extensive list of iPhone apps for you to choose from, or you enter the URL for Web sites or applications.

My AppMarks display includes links to all of the Web-based iPhone apps I regularly use so I donit have to enter the Web addresses manually or add more bookmarks to Safari.

Just like your AppMarks account, AppMarks is free to use.

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