dmg software Releases Maintenance Update For Sidekick

dmg software has released an update for Sidekick, bringing it to version 1.0.2. Sidekick is a utility designed for increased productivity via AppleWorks. The update features two bug fixes for improved performance. According to dmg software:

dmg software today released Sidekick 1.0.2. Sidekick is a Mac OS X menu bar item that interacts with AppleWorks 6, making it easier to use and increasing your productivity.

Whatis New:

  • Fix - Quit caused by removing Classic AppleWorks 6. Sidekick would quit if a user manually removed the Classic version of AppleWorks 6. Explanation: AppleWorks 6 is bundled in a single package that contains both the Mac OS X version and the Classic version of AppleWorks 6. Sidekick would quit if a user opened this package and manually deleted the Classic version of AppleWorks 6
  • Fix - Web site for iAppleWorks Tips for Educatorsi. The 1.0.1 release of Sidekick did not open the iAppleWorks Tips for Educatorsi Web site from the Web Sites menu. The correct web site is now opened

You can find more information about the Sidekick update at the dmg software Web site. The Sidekick update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$10.00.