Donald Trump Calls on America to Boycott Apple Because Terrorism

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Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has called on America to boycott Apple until the company helps the FBI break into the phone of a dead terrorist. Mr. Trump has been vocal in his belief that Apple should create a backdoor into iOS that the FBI could then use access an iPhone found on the terrorists behind an attack San Bernardino, CA, in December of 2015.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Nevada

Apple was ordered by a U.S. magistrate judge to create a version of iOS that could be sideloaded onto the iPhone in question. This special version would lack the security controls that wipe an iPhone after ten attempts to unlock it, allowing the FBI to do a brute force attack on the passcode.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly vowed to fight the order on the basis that creating such a back door weakens the privacy of all Americans and makes us vulnerable to criminal hackers and foreign agents wanting to steal our personal data.

This is a position that security experts largely agree on, and it's a belief held by civil liberties groups such as the EFF. General Michael Hayden, former director of both the CIA (2006 to 2009) and the NSA (1999 to 2005), took Apple's side this week, too, saying in an interview that "[FBI Director] Jim Comey is wrong," and that America is stronger with unbreakable, end-to-end encryption.

Mr. Trump knows better, though, and impressed himself mightily by coming up with the boycott idea on the fly during a rally in South Carolina. As noted by Patently Apple, Mr. Trump said, "How do you like that? I just thought of it: Boycott Apple. Tim Cook is trying to do a big number. Probably to prove how liberal he is."

He then repeated that call in a series of three tweets:

Mr. Trump and other conservatives calling on Apple to create the software needed to crack the iPhone are largely in lockstep with the Obama administration. Bloomberg, whose editorial board has also called on Apple to comply with the order, reported that a secret memo issued by the National Security Council—an arm of the Executive Branch—tasked government agencies with finding ways to beat Apple's encryption. That same report said the FBI and the Justice Department has the White House's full support in pursuing this court order against Apple.

Photograph of Donald Trump courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Why is it that “conservatives” are hell-bent to completely undermine our civil-liberties and the constitution?  (except for the 2nd Amendment…the government will be reading your mail and watching you pee…but BY GOD you’ll have your gun!!).  What’s said is the pathetic lemmings that follow Trump are just dumb enough to go along with this…

I wonder what countries are accepting American refugees????


The White House has created “We the People” to be a platform on the White House website where individuals can create and sign petitions that call for action by the federal government on a range of issues facing our nation. For each topic included in We the People, users can petition the Administration to address a problem, support or oppose a proposal, or otherwise change or continue federal government policy or actions… If the petition meets a pre-set signature threshold within a designated time period, the petition will become visible to individuals browsing or searching the White House website. If enough users sign the petition to reach a second pre-set signature threshold within that time period, the White House commits to respond to the petition in a timely fashion. The White House may also elect to respond to any petition before it reaches the first or second threshold. ONCE THE WHITE HOUSE RESPONDS TO A PETITION, IT IS CLOSED TO ADDITIONAL SIGNATURES.

Accordingly, WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:Halt efforts that compel Apple and other device makers to create a “backdoor” for the Government to access citizens data

The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of its customers.

The FBI, is demanding that Apple build a “backdoor” to bypass digital locks protecting consumer information on Apple’s popular iPhones.

We (the undersigned), oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.

#Westandwithapple - Matthew Kick
Published Date: Feb 17, 2016
Full letter: Https:// [/quotel]


@mactoid, put the blame where it belongs. The Obama administration using the power of the DOJ is behind this effort and has been for years. These people are not conservatives. While Mr. Trump calls himself a conservative, I find his claim laughable. His call for a boycott is a laughable political ploy.



Bryan, I do not see how this is a partisan issue.  I see many examples on the left and the right both supporting Apple and condemning Apple.  Trump may be running as a Republican, but he is not getting the support of the conservative bona fides - just the right of center disenfranchised Republicans.  Most of Silicon valley is liberal and supports Apple, but the Democratic establishment does not.  Most conservative talking heads are with Cook as well.  I think you may be painting with too broad a brush.


I fled to Canada during the W Bush junta and nothing I’ve seen has made me reconsider. It’s not a partisan issue any more. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Sanders, Trump, Cruz, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t make any difference. This is just how the US government works and who is elected really makes no difference.


Simply, Trump is an idiot.


Winski wrote: “Simply, Trump is an idiot”

Bette Midler <> & Maris Kreizman> & I agree with you:

Tweet from @BetteMidler “4 Jan 2016 <>:

- ‘It was miraculous. It was almost no trick at all, he saw; to turn vice into virtue and slander into truth, impotence into abstinence, arrogance into humility, plunder into philanthropy, thievery into honor, blasphemy into wisdom, brutality into patriotism, and sadism into justice. Anybody could do it; it required no brains at all. It merely required no character.”
- With credit, “Catch-22” by Joseph Heller - excerpt from “Slaughterhouse 90210” by Maris Kreizman

BTW, Maris Kreizman was quite happy with the mention:
”@BetteMidler : YOU ARE MY HERO!” - Maris Kreizman (@mariskreizman) - 4 Jan 2016 <>”


Paul Goodwin

How can half of the Republican Party think Donald Trump is the kind of person that should be President of the United States? He’s repulsive.


Paul Goodwin wondered: ‘How can half of the Republican Party think Donald Trump is the kind of person that should be President of the United States? He’s repulsive.’

Yes, I wonder that, too. But it reminds me how George Wallace seemed to be at least as horrible as (or even worse than) Trump or Cruz now, even though at least a similar percentage of Americans then just as angrily agreed with Lynyrd-Skynyrd,
”... In Birmingham we love the Governor, ooo, hoo, hoo
Now we all do what he would do…”
as now scream support for those two flaming AHs.

So, to me, we Americans don’t seem to have changed much at all in big ways since the civil rights outrage & the Vietnam war were tearing our nation’s soul apart.

Paul Goodwin

BurmaYank-yes. It’s both sad and incredible.


Paul Goodwin wondered: ‘How can half of the Republican Party think Donald Trump is the kind of person that should be President of the United States? He’s repulsive.’

Look at the way he salutes the crowd in the photo above. Seems I’ve seen that somewhere before…

Paul Goodwin

RicDay. Haha. I hadn’t noticed that. Well, the morons today are following him without the threat of bodily harm that the other guy used. Same approach though. Stir up fear, work on the public psyche of the morons that he knows will come over to his side when he spouts out that he has the answers. The most detestable politician I’ve seen seen Spiro Agnew.


Unlike most of the liberal Commenters, I like most of what Trump is saying and wants to do for the betterment of the economic and job situation in America and the stopping of the run-away, give-away Immigration policies of the last 50 years. But I don’t like everything that he says or proposes…..and certainly not this.

I think Trump has a fault of talking first too often, before he has all the facts at his disposal.  But I actually trust that he will eventually garner and listen to the experts in a field and will act reasonably and correctly in the long run.  At least, his values come from the right (Conservative/Free Enterprise) place, in comparison to the mass of politicians from the far left Socialistic (huge Big Government spending on every “good” cause under the sun with no limits) camp.

Unfortunately, he, like so many other (most other) people in politics, is not an IT person at all and does not know the details involved in this type of technical issue.

The supplied picture (photo) is obviously, purposefully selected for its “Nazi look”.  (I saw it at first glance.) But Trump is, of course, NOT making a Nazi salute in reality.  He is simply saying hello to and acknowledging the crowd.  So don’t be taken in by the propaganda effort.

At first glance, it looks like Apple is taking the right position and is trying to protect our privacy rights for all of us.  I applaud them for at least stopping to clarify the matter.
However, it may be that Apple is over-reacting by their characterization of the FBI’s request as a request for a back-door entrance. It may turn out that Apple CAN take some limitedly-honed action to help unlock this phone without giving the FBI a carte blanche method to access any and every other phone in the world.  We will see (as the legal arguments unfold).
At this point, the FBI is only asking for help to bypass or prevent the “wipe after 10 tries” command within the software (which command may not even be enabled).  And they are obtaining a Court Order to do this on one particular phone for a reasonable reason (as opposed to seeking to apply this action to phones in bulk and without specific Court supervision).

Ultimately, I want the FBI to learn as much as they can about these Terrorists and their actions.  I hope that that can be done in a manner that will not destroy my own privacy interests for when I am acting in a proper and non-Terroristic/non-criminal manner.


It was be nice to have a LINK to the original Court Order.
I have yet to see how much of a “back-door” the FBI is really requesting…..or not.

The LINK contained in this article is to a secondary document, not to the original Court Order.

Does anyone have the right link?

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