Dr. Bott Going Out of Business, Liquidating Inventory

Dr. Bott BoothDr. Bott Booth

It's a sad day for the Mac world, as Dr. Bott LLC announced on Thursday that the company is shutting its doors and liquidating its inventory. Dr. Bott is a reseller that specialized in distributing Mac and iPhone accessories companies in addition to selling some of its own products.

Dr. Bott LLC is the U.S. arm of the company—the European operations weren't part of the bankruptcy proceedings or Thursday's going-out-of-business announcement.


From Dr. Bott:

We are sad to announce that after 15 years of service to resellers in the Apple market, Dr. Bott LLC is winding down its operations.

We are actively liquidating our inventory through www.drbott.net and our reseller channels. Shop now for best selection. Inventory is selling fast and products are selling out daily. We currently have inventory from more than 100 vendors including some of the most compelling brands in the market.

We are honored to have been a part of the Apple market during such a significant time in its history. It has been a privilege to have partnered with so many vendors and retailers. We hope that we have played some small part in their long-term success.

Please visit www.drbott.net, email or call if you are interested in the products we have available.

Dr. Bott is clearing out its existing inventory with some significant discounts. That includes microphones, cases, bags, stands, screen protectors, software, music loops, stylii, and a ton of other products. Get while the gettin' is good.

I noted when the company announced it was entering bankruptcy that Dr. Bott has been a big part of the Apple commercial ecosystem for many years. The company's specialty was handling distribution for a many small accessories makers. Dr. Bott was known for having massive booths at Macworld Expo, though it pulled out of that show in recent years, and CES.

It was through Dr. Bott that I personally met and interacted with a number of those companies, and I often recommended their services to new companies. The company will leave a vacuum in their absence, and I am quite sad to seem them go. Hopefully everyone involved in the company will quickly move on to new companies.