Drobo Unveils Drobo FS Network Storage System

Drobo announced the immediate availability of its new Drobo FS network-based data storage system on Tuesday. The Drobo FS supports up to 10TB of storage, and on the fly user-replacable hard drives.

The Drobo FS includes Gigabit Ethernet, five hot-swappable hard drive bays, and dual core processor running a Linux kernel. It supports mixing hard drive sizes and types, can auto-restore data to replacement drives should one fail or be replaced, and offers Time Machine backup support, too.

Drobo FS

The unit also supports Drobo Apps, so users can put the FS to work as an FTP or Web server, iTunes server, and more. Drobo has also teamed with Oxygen Cloud so that the FS can be used as a remote data storage device as well.

The Drobo FS is priced starting at Us$699 without drives, $999 with 4.5TB of storage, at tops out at $1,449 with 10TB of storage.