dvGarage Updates dvMatte Pro With Colormatching And More

dvGarage has released an update for dvMatte Pro, bringing it to version 1.5. dvMatte Pro is a utility designed for color keying in Final Cut Pro 4.0. The update adds several new features including color matching and edge blending. According to dvGarage:

dvGarage has released “dvMatte Pro 1.5” for Final Cut Pro 4. Designed to “key,” or remove blue and greenscreen backgrounds from digital footage, dvMatte Pro is specifically engineered to handle the artifacts created by video cameras. These artifacts are present in Beta, HD and especially DV video footage. dvMatte uses a 3-pass keying method to achieve clean keys even from DV footage that was once thought unusable for professional keying.

dvMatte Pro 1.5 for Final Cut Pro 4 adds many new features to the plug-in, such as Color Matching, Edge Blending and Light Wrap. These are all important tools for professional compositing yet rarely available to prosumers or independent filmmakers.

You can find more information about the dvMatte release at the dvGarage Web site. dvMatte Pro is available for US$199.00.