E3 Software Shows Direct Mail Pro Email Marketing Software

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — e3 Software, makers of the Direct Mail Pro email marketing software for your Mac, introduced version 2.3 of their product at this week’s Macworld Expo show. Jonathan Hammer, President, gave The Mac Observer a demonstration of this product.

The Direct Mail Pro creation component allows you to create an email with not only text, but images, links and attachments. You can maintain your mailing list in Direct Mail Pro, or import data from your favorite Mac applications, including Address Book and Entourage. One can drag and drop elements from nearly any Mac application into your Direct Mail message. Messages can be customized for each individual recipient.

Direct Mail Report

Of course you can get tracking and reporting information your campaigns. Choices include seeing who opened your email and clicked on the enclosed links, or you can create charts to see the performance of your campaign. Bounce and spam complaints can help tune your future campaigns. You can also view recipients location on a map.

Direct Mail 2.3 adds integration for FileMaker Pro and Outlook. Direct Mail Pro, which includes all the aforementioned features, is priced at $119.99. Direct Mail, a basic version of the program, is priced at $69.99.  Until February 4th, there’s special pricing of $59.99 for Direct Mail Pro, and $29.99 for Direct Mail.