eMail Verifier Now Shipping From Maxprog

Maxprog is now shipping eMail Verifier for Mac OS X users. eMail Verifier is an automated email address verification app designed for mass email delivery. The app includes batch verification among other features. According to Maxprog:

Maxprog is proud to present its new product, eMail Verifier, the very first tool available on the Macintosh platform for batch email validity checking. (Mac OS X only)

If your database contains incorrect email addresses, this disadvantages you in two ways. First, you have to put up with annoying iundeliverablei messages. And second, you lose the ability to communicate by email with your contacts. Email Verifier checks the validity of your email addresses without actually sending emails. You can use the list of failed addresses to build a list for a iplease updatei campaign.

Key features:

  • Batch verify big amounts of email addresses
  • Check e-mail addresses for a valid Mail Exchanger
  • Check each e-mail address validity with its MX server
  • Sort all e-mail addresses by domain to speed all tests
  • Very fast and multithreaded
  • Native version for MacOS X

You can find more information about the eMail Verifier release at the Maxprog Web site. eMail Verifier is available for US$14.90.