eOrdering Line Updated With Improved Login Options

LAJ Design has released an update for the eOrdering line of commerce products, bringing them to versions 2.3. The eOrdering line are online shopping cart creators designed for Web developers. The update ships with improved page imaging and login options. According to LAJ Design:

LAJ Design today announced the 2.3 release of the eOrdering eCommerce line.

The line is made up of eOrdering Complete, eOrdering Gold, and eOrdering Professional. All three are cross platform applications that create eCommerce sites.

New or Changes:

  • Changed the individual product page to use a different page name (so that you can use the same image for two products)
  • Option to use the image name for the individual page names
  • Added simple login (you provide the password see note below)
  • Added some sample scripts for the preprocess options (such as simple login and error checking. Both for php) Note: The simple login requires the pages to be php

You can find more information about the the eOrdering product line update at the LAJ Design Web site. The updates are free for reigtered users. Pricing starts at US$65.00 for eOrdering Complete.