eSuite4X - MySQL4 For OS X Now Shipping

MacOS GURU is now shipping eSuite4X - MySQL4 Edition for Mac OS X. eSuite4X is a utility designed for Web developers managing MySQL servers. The app features support for database control via OS Xis system preferences and ships with SQL4X manager J for graphical management. According to MacOS GURU:

We have released eSuite4X 2.5 - MySQL4 Edition for Mac OS X - the easiest way to install and run your own MySQL database server.

The eSuite4X distribution combines the power of open source products with first class commercial software to bring you a truly Macintosh-like user experience:

  • Easy installation
  • Control and configure MySQL via Mac OS X System Preferences
  • Administer MySQL with the included first class graphical interface (SQL4X Manager J)

The included graphical database manager (SQL4X Manager J) makes common tasks easy to handle:

  • Browse your databases and tables with a Mac OS X Finder-like column view
  • View, Filter and Edit data (including Image and RTF data)
  • Graphically manage users and access privileges
  • Create, alter and drop databases, tables and indexes
  • Pre-defined views make it easy to watch the server and table status, configuration data and connected clients
  • Graphically check, analyze and repair tables
  • Easily create queries
  • import and export data (CSV, text, tab-delimited, etc.)

You can find more information about the eSuite4X 2.5 - MySQL4 Edition for Mac OS X release at the MacOS GURU Web site. eSuite4X 2.5 - MySQL4 Edition for Mac OS X is available for US$98.00.