eWeek Offers Tour Guide To Mac Web Sites

If you are reading this, you are, by definition, a denizen of the Mac Web. Our estimates are that there about a million folks who regularly frequent the various Mac sites, and another couple of million who hang out on a less-than-regular basis. Thatis a lot of Macheads, but it also means that there are a lot of Mac users who may not know of the many and varied Mac Web sites available to them. Fortunately, Matthew Rothenberg of eWeek is helping to spread the word. He has put together a sort of tour guide to the Mac Web called "Around the Mac Web in 80 Clicks." From eWeek:

Mac-focused sites were early arrivals among the current range of technology-driven Internet offerings, and their growing numbers play a key role in setting the Mac discourse. As a sometime participant in the Mac Web, I know firsthand its power to inform (and inflame) the user community -- and sometimes to draw a spirited response from Apple, whose ongoing effort to limit the spread of unauthorized Mac information has itself become the topic of lively Internet debate.

But while image-conscious Apple may want to impose a unified vision of the Mac community, these sites tell a different story.

These sites embrace a range of visitors, from enterprise-class pros to entry-level consumers. Theyive featured give-and-take between old-school Classic Mac curmudgeons and a new wave of users weaned on Mac OS X. Theyive even invited political debate, as when former Vice President Albert Gore joined Appleis board or talk-radio personality Rush Limbaugh came out in favor of the Mac. And of course, theyive provided insights (some authorized, some not) into the functions (or malfunctions) of Mac products from Apple and third parties.

The full article lists some 24 Mac sites (including TMO), with a description of each one. We recommend it as a good read, and we definitely recommend it for those Mac users in your life who may not know their way around all the resources open to them.