eXtend Computer & Instrument To Ship macCAN Package For CAN Interfacing

eXtend Computer & Instrument has slated the released of a new mobile hardware and software package for Mac users, macCAN. macCAN is a bundled package designed for interfacing with Controller Area Networks found in automotive and industrial engineering settings. The package ships with support for 11 bit and extended 29 bit CAN message IDs and allows user defined timing parameters among other features. According to eXtend Computer & Instruments:

eXtend Computer & Instrument, a company that specializes in electronics for mobile applications, introduces macCAN.

macCAN is a software and hardware package which allows Macintosh users to interface with standard Controller Area Networks (CAN) commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. macCAN works with all PowerPC Macintosh computers using either a serial or USB port running OS 8 through OS X.

macCAN supports both standard 11 bit and extended 29 bit CAN message IDs with data rates up to 1 Mbps. All CAN timing parameters are user programmable including propagation time, synchronization jump width and bit phase times. The macCAN interface has 120 ohm user selectable termination and CAN connections to the interface are easily made through standard instrumentation banana jacks or via a standard 3-pin header (both provided).

macCAN software uses a 100uS resolution clock to sequence all transmitted messages and log received messages. Transmitted messages may be programmed with 0 to 8 data bytes and all data bytes are easily programmed by the user. Every transmit message can be manually sent at any time, scheduled to be sent at a specific time or sent at a fixed periodic rate. macCAN monitors all messages present on the CAN bus.

You can find more information about the macCAN release at the eXtend Computer & Instrument Web site. macCAN is slated for release August 31, 2002 for the retail price of US$349.00.