EA, Atari Back Apple in Lodsys Patent Battle

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Electronic Arts, Atari, Square-Enix and QuickOffice have all thrown their support behind Apple’s move to intervene on behalf of iOS app developers in their patent infringement battle with Lodsys, according to FOSS Patents.

The four companies filed a joint letter with the court stating:

In view of the Supporting Defendants’ critical need to rely upon Apple’s assistance in developing the evidence in this matter, Apple’s willingness to participate as a party in this action, and the lack of any cognizable prejudice to Lodsys, the Supporting Defendants respectfully urge this Court to grant the pending motion to intervene.

Apple filed a motion in June to intervene on behalf of the iOS app developers Lodsys is suing over allegations that they are infringing on patented technology it owns.

Lodsys versus the worldApp developers want Apple in the ring against Lodsys

Lodsys gained notoriety in the Apple and Google communities by sending letters to independent app developers alleging they in-app purchase systems they use infringe on patents it holds. After Apple’s legal team sent Lodsys CEO Mark Small a letter stating that it properly licensed the patents for itself and third parties, the company filed lawsuits against several developers.

The four companies are all represented by the same law firm, indicating that they plan to cooperate in defending themselves against Lodsys’s claims.

For it’s part, Lodsys is hoping the court will block Apple from participating in the lawsuit and has argued that the company’s interest in intervening is only economic.

The court hasn’t ruled yet on Apple’s request.

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Quote: For its part, Lodsys is hoping the court will block Apple from participating in the lawsuit and (Lodsys) has argued that the company?s (Apple’s) interest in intervening is only economic.

Now if this isn’t the Pot Calling the Kettle Black, eh!

Apple, the Muhammad Ali of all things tech, is in the ring, the bell has been rung, a few friends have jumped the ropes, their bats are in the air. Let the game begin!

It’s a very good day when a bully gets the old sucker punch.


Not sure how Troll Ventures will solve the problem of how to double dip in the future if they lose this case.

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