EA Reveals More Spore Games For 2009

Electronic Arts (EA) on Thursday revealed plans to release four more games in its Spore franchise this year, one of which will definitely be released for the Mac, while another is undetermined. The former is a title that EA has already announced: Spore Galactic Adventures, an expansion pack that focuses on the game's spacefaring phase.

Players will be able to beam down to planets, take on new missions and create their own, and earn new accessories, such as the Energy Blade and the Jump Jet. EA will ship the expansion this spring.

A screenshot from Spore Galactic Adventures

Spore Creature Keeper is a standalone game that's aimed at younger players. It allows them to create, nurture, train, and play with their own creature, with access to plenty of toys, clothes, and gizmos. No timeline for release was announced, and when asked if Creature Keeper will run on the Mac, an EA representative could only say: "We have not made any announcements yet about whether it be on available on Mac... Stay tuned!"

Finally, this fall, EA will increase its focus on Nintendo's two main platforms with the adventure game Spore Hero for the Wii and Spore Hero Arena for the DS. The latter builds on 2008's Spore Creatures by allowing players to not only build their own creatures but also pit them against each other in an arena.