EA’s Spore Evolves at the App Store With Release of Spore Creatures

EA Mobile on Monday announced the release of Spore Creatures at the App Store. The game picks up where Spore Origins left off: players’ organisms have left the primordial soup and crawled onto land, where they continue to evolve and find new challenges to overcome.

As players explore the world’s four zones and make their way through 20 levels, they meet other creatures who they can befriend or attack. Success enables them to increase their creatures’ offense, defense, movement, perception, and social abilities and allows them to unlock new evolutionary parts. They can also customize their creatures with the included editor and even skin it with photos from their iPhone or iPod touch’s library.

Ultimate success involves overcoming epic bosses and earning epic skills. Spore Creatures sells for US$6.99 and requires iPhone OS 2.2.1.