eBay Hacked, Warns Users to Change Passwords

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The online auction and commerce site eBay is warning its users to change their login passwords following an attack where hackers made off with account information. The attack happened somewhere between late February and early March, and the attackers made off with addresses, birth dates, and email addresses.

eBay warns users to change passwords afar security breacheBay warns users to change passwords afar security breach

According to eBay, the attackers used compromised employee accounts to gain access to company servers where they ultimately made off with user account data. Along with email accounts, and birthdays, the attackers had access to phone numbers and encrypted passwords.

"For the time being, we cannot comment on the specific number of accounts impacted. However, we believe there may be a large number of accounts involved and we are asking all eBay users to change their passwords," eBay spokeswoman Kari Ramirez told Reuters.

The company said there hasn't been any evidence that PayPal account information was accessed.

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It's unfortunate that companies warning users of potentially compromised account information is common place now. It's a reminder why using different passwords for every website login is so important.

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I’ve seen nothing from eBay on this yet.

Kim Lucus

Other than hacking, is there any other way to know the passwords in asterisk? I’ve heard that Micro keylogger can record password. Is that true?

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