Ecamm Network Updates CardRaider to v. 1.2

Ecamm Network announced on Tuesday the update of their photo recovery software, CardRaider, to version 1.2. The new version supports the recovery of "raw" image formats from storage cards.

New raw formats supported include: Canon Raw, Canon Raw 2, Nikon Raw, Digital Negative (Adobe Raw), Konica Minolta Raw, Fuji Raw, Olympus Raw, Pentax Raw, Sony Raw 2, Panasonic Raw, Kodak Raw, Leaf Raw and Sigma Raw.

CardRaider is designed to recover deleted or lost photos stored on corrupted memory cards.

"CardRaider is designed for easy operation, and features one-click scan and recover. Recovered images can be sent directly to iPhoto. It can even find images on damaged or reformatted media cards that donit show up in the Finder. Additionally, CardRaider can be used to permanently erase your images, so they canit be recovered in the future," the announcement said.

The upgrade is free to registered users. CardRaider 1.2 requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and a memory card reader or camera with "PC" mode. [A digital camera interface, recognized by Mac OS X and CardRaider.] It is priced at US$19.95.