Economist iPad, iPhone Apps Hit the App Store

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As promised, The Economist launched iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps for electronic versions of its magazine on Friday. The apps offer weekly samples of articles, and print version subscribers get all of the electronic editions for free.

The Economist for iPad and iPhone

New issues will be available each week on Thursday at 4PM eastern time.

The Economist for the iPhone and iPad is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store as a free download. Single issue in-app purchases will cost US$5.99 each, and a digital-only subscription will be available for $110 a year.

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Lee Dronick

I am wondering why they don’t offer only an electronic edition. I am trying to get off of having printed magazines stacking up.


The “digital-only” subscription is the electronic edition, in the sense that it doesn’t come with a physical copy.

However, their prices are weird.  I’m currently paying $89 a year (renewal rate) for a year’s subscription to the print edition.  Assuming I get the electronic copy for free, why would I ever want a digital-only subscription? 

It’s like they’ve kidnapped a bunch of trees and they’ll mail me a tree branch, one month at a time, until I give in and pay the ransom.

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