Elecom Wraps iPod nano in Leather Watch Band

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Elecom thinks it has found the perfect material for a nice looking iPad nano watch band: leather. The company’s design sheds the sports band look in favor of a retro feel, and includes a traditional band buckle for fitting different wrist sizes.

Elecom’s iPod nano watch band

The not-so-elegantly-named AVA-N10LB is available in brown or black, includes a riveted strap to hold the nano in place and is wide enough to help make it look more like you’re wearing a watch on your wrist instead of an iPod.

Elecom’s iPod nano watch band is priced at ¥3,570 (about US$42.46).

[Thanks to Highsnobiety for the heads up.]



The only trouble with leather wrist straps for watches is that after a while, it starts to smell bad.


I like the looks of these nano watch straps better:


And evidently a lot of other people like them, too.  Check out how much they were originally asking for.

Ipod Lover

I happened to find a site that carries these leather wrist bands here http://flttr.it/gj2FBI I may buy one for myself.

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