Emoji-Only Social Network Emojili App Released on iTunes

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Social network Emojli released its iOS app Friday via the iTunes App Store. You may remember our previous coverage of Emojli when it first started accepting username reservations in July. If you have a reservation you can unlock it within the free app, or you can try to stake out a username as part of the signup process. So far Jeff hasn't responded to my friend request, so I haven't had a chance to play with the actual app yet, but as I said when I reserved my username, I thought Yo! was silly too, and look where they are today.

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I’m either


I have to say that, personally, I’m in the camp that *still* thinks Yo! is silly - I don’t know that the fleeting success of an idea is directly proportionate to its actual value. wink

All I can think about when I see the ‘vision’ that has been coming out of the Valley of late is, ‘Holy crap, that’s such a lot of money that could have made an actual difference somewhere else.’. It’s all gone far beyond self-indulgence at this point, methinks. . . wink

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