Enhancing Address Book with JABMenu

Iim always up for finding ways to improve the efficiency of the applications I use all the time, so thatis why Iim glad I stumbled on JABMenu. This clever little menu bar add-on gives you one-click access to the data in Address Book, and even automates some of the things you use Address Book for.

JABMenu gives you one-click access to Address Book.

JABmenu lets you look up contacts, display addresses, automatically dial your phone, create emails, and more. You can enable or disable menu options to your liking, attach actions to different menu items, and it even includes a lookup feature.

You can customize pretty much everything in JABMenu.

One feature I really like is that JABMenu groups all of the contacts for a business together. That saves me from searching for contacts based on business name. Sure, it doesnit take long to do, but like I said, Iim all about finding ways to save time.

JABMenu is shareware. It costs US$10, and is available for download at the Jonis Little Page of AppleScripts Web site.

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