Eric Schmidt Steps Down as Google CEO, Larry Page Steps Up

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Eric Schmidt announced Thursday that he was stepping down as CEO from Google, the company he has led to such great success for ten years. Stepping up to his place is Google cofounder Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt will maintain a role in the company as Executive Chairman.

Mr. Schmidt made the announcement in a blog entry, where he said that he, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the company’s other cofounder, decided to make the change over last weekend.

It’s been a big week in technology leadership changes: The three have operated in a kind of triumvirate since Mr. Schmidt was brought to the company as CEO, and Mr. Schmidt said that arrangement would continue to one degree or another. Mr. Brin’s title will simply be Co-Founder, and his tasks will focus on new product development.

Mr. Schmidt wrote in his blog post, “As Executive Chairman, I will focus wherever I can add the greatest value: externally, on the deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership that are increasingly important given Google’s global reach; and internally as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.”

This makes for a busy week in the area of World’s Largest Technology Companies having leadership changes. On Monday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, a friend of Eric Schmidt, announced he was taking a medical leave of absence, leaving Apple COO Tim Cook responsible for the day-today running of the company.

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Google’s caption for this photo: Eric, Larry and Sergey in a self-driving car in a photo taken earlier today
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Well, surprise surprise.

As George Steinbrenner once said to George Costanza:

“I’m blown away, George. Blo-woh-woh-wohwn away!” :D


Could it be that top tech CEO’s are “retiring” in order to form a indie band that plays only in trendy bars?


The trouble is they all would want to be the front man


I saw they are committing a plain mistake. I have seen companies sinking due to wars to be the king, specially when the guys wanting the power are not professional CEOs. They are the TECHNICAL founders, not the guys with vision. Eric Schmidt was that guy and now, more than ever, his path to Apple is open. Not as CEO, because Steve Jobs cannot have a replacement, but as a key member on Apple Board that may lead him to have more powers over time.



No way Schmidt gets back on the Apple board. Especially since he is still affiliated with Google.

I am also not quite sure what is being accomplished with this move besides maybe Schmidt wanting more time off.


Bryan Chaffin

Could it be that top tech CEO?s are ?retiring? in order to form a indie band that plays only in trendy bars?

ZOMG FUNNY! You got a literal LOL from me on that. :D

Bryan Chaffin

On an unrelated note, I think a picture says a thousand words, at least in this one. Larry’s expression is ebullient, like a kid who got what he’s always wanted at Christmas*.  Eric’s expression seems a bit forced to me - smile for the camera.

*For the kids among us, once upon a time “things” cost so much that parents couldn’t, or at least didn’t, buy everything under the sun come Santa time.


Copying Apple AGAIN. wink I can’t believe no one jumped on that one. And yeah, I don’t think he has the fattest chance in hell of ever getting in with Apple again. He’s still The Mole, after all.

I think his real smile is a forced smile.

Lee Dronick

Joy of Tech has a list of reasons why he is stepping down.

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