EU Commissioner Disappointed with Microsoft

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes is disappointed with Microsoftis level of compliance with the 2004 antitrust ruling requiring the company share Windows interoperability information with competitors. In comments to European parliament members, Ms. Kroes expressed concern that three years after the ruling, Microsoft still has not fully complied, according to InfoWorld.

By withholding information other companies need to make their products work with Windows, Microsoft is using its position to unfairly take control of the workgroup and server markets, she contends. "Microsoft is constantly gaining market share and that is what is worrying in the workgroup server operating market."

She added that Microsoftis actions are "unacceptable."

Although Microsoft has provided some documents, the EU is unsatisfied and feels the company is intentionally holding back important documents, and releasing information that is old or available from other companies.

The EU has already fined Microsoft ?497 million (about US$622.3 million) as part of its 2004 antitrust ruling, and an additional ?280.5 million (about $373.8 million) for failing to provide the required interoperability information. Now Microsoft faces the possibility of even more fines if the EU determines that it has not fully complied with the terms of the antitrust ruling.

The next round of fines could come as early as July. Microsoft has until then to respond to the EU claims.