EVE Online Retail Box to Include Exclusive Ship, More

CCP and Atari on Tuesday announced the details of the upcoming EVE Online retail box, which Atari will ship in North America March 10 and in Europe and Asia Pacific March 12. The boxed edition of the science-fiction massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) will feature an exclusive in-game ship, 60 days of free game time, a certificate for quicker access to organized combat, an exclusive career guide, and a VIP pass allowing a friend to have 21 days of free game time, with another month of free game time for the player if the friend pays for a subscription.

Current players who buy the boxed version can extend their current subscription or split the game time into two 30-day chunks that they can sell to other players in exchange for in-game currency.

The box edition (US$34.95) will also include the game's nine previously released free expansions as well as EVE Online: Apocrypha, the tenth expansion set to ship next month. Apocrypha will feature new regions of space to explore, modular ships that players can build to suit their specific needs, and other changes.