eWeek's Review of Pages: A Must Upgrade

eWeek reviewed Appleis Pages i08 and the overall impression was positive. However, the review also dwelled on formatting issues instead of what can be done with the application.

"Warts aside, Appleis word processor refresh is worth a look from current and prospective iWorkers alike," according to Tiffany Maleshefski at eWeek last week.

With the obligatory comment that Pages cannot displace the entrenched MS Word, the application is strongly recommended for users who have been using a previous version. The reviewer noted the 140 document templates and the fact that Pages i08 features "newly-separated modes for page layout and word processing. Previously, Pages shoehorned all word processing operations into the applicationis page layout mode, which?as one would expect?was a more comfy fit for piecing together newsletters and brochures than it was for writing letters and the like."

In addition, the new version of Pages received kudos for its change tracking system. All this led to the title, "Appleis Pages i08 is All Grown Up."

Some of the things the reviewer did not like related to formatting problems going between Pages and Word. Default fonts and lack of 100% compatibility in the OOXML support annoyed the reviewer who, in addition, didnit explain that Pages documents are really directories that must be compressed or printed to PDF before attached to an e-mail.

While the review had strong emphasis on Office compatibility, the overall impression was that Pages i08 is a must upgrade for users, iWorkers, with a previous version of Pages.