ExactScan 2 Pro Released

ExactCODE GmbH released ExactScan 2 on Thursday. ExactScan 2 is a professional quality scanning utility for use with the Mac.

With this release, ExactScan Pro grows to a product-family including Professional version with OCR and Barcode recognition to create searchable document on the Mac, or just to convert existing files into searchable PDF, multi-page PDF or TIFF. Together with the Spotlight indexing services built into Mac OS X, this feature forms a document management solution suitable for small-office and home-office environments.

Other new features in this release of ExactScan include:

  • New feature in Pro version: To convert existing files into searchable PDF, multi-page PDF or TIFF
  • New feature to automatically scan this profile on document placement (ADF only)
  • New feature: Automatic crop from Flatbed source
  • New behavior: Re-aligned the paper size on ADF / Flatbed source change
  • Improved paper format handling with larger ADF scan area than Flatbed
  • Improved Simplex - Duplex - Cancel Button handling
  • Improved UI size adjustments to better fit translations and visual appearance
  • Updated paper size naming
  • Updated language translations

ExactScan 2 Professional is available for US$153 and the standard version of ExactScan 2 comes for US$25. An upgrade from the ExactScan 2 standard version to the new Professional is available for just US$40.