Facebook Announces Anonymous Login, More Privacy Controls

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Facebook announced a new privacy option for logging in to apps and sites called Anonymous Login  at its annual developer conference this week. Now there are two basic options for logging in to sites and apps: a button for Anonymous Login and a button for the regular Facebook login. In addition, a new control panel in Facebook will also allow users to further adjust privacy settings to show what data is being shared.

Facebook's new Anonymous Login option.

This solves a common problem with Facebook apps or logins, where maybe an app looks interesting, but a user doesn’t want to share a bunch of data up front. This way there can be a trial while a user forms an opinion about an app, then go back and adjust preferences later if they want to share more information.

Adjusting that information is also going to get easier with the new options in Facebook Login. Controls are more granular now, there is an option for “Edit the info you provide” and the data listed there can be adjusted by the user, including whether or not it will post to Facebook.

These new options will be rolling out across Facebook in the coming months.

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I'm glad to see more privacy control coming from Facebook, this is one of the primary criticisms of the service. It's about time it was possible to test an app, or to adjust the information shared with apps. This is good for developers too, since the option to test can ultimately bring new users. What has been shown so far looks clear and easy to use, which should help ease some of the privacy concerns of Facebook information. 

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Lee Dronick

Perhaps they know that they may soon not have a choice but to do that.


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