FaceBook Video Moves to HTML5 from Flash

Facebook quietly moved out of the Flash-only camp by adding HTML5 video playback support to its social networking Web site. The move means iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can watch videos that are included in their friend’s timelines instead of only seeing the familiar missing plug-in icon.

It appears that HTML5 support is available for most new videos, and that many older uploads still rely on Flash.

Facebook’s decision to support HTML5 looks to be only the latest in a growing list of companies that are either adding the open standard to their streaming options, or are dropping Flash support completely. Adobe has been pushing its near-ubiquitous format for online media for some time, and has made it a highlight in its soon to be released Creative Suite 5 application bundles.

Apple, however, has continuously turned away from supporting Flash on its popular iPhone and iPad products, and now on its newly released iPad, to support HTML5 instead.

Adding HTML5 support will likely make at least some mobile Facebook users happy. Adobe, on the other hand, may not be as pleased.

[Thanks to MacStories for the heads up.]