Five 911 Calls About Broken iPhone Later, Man Arrested

Who would expect to reach AppleCare by dialing 911? Apparently a man in Illinois, who dialed it five times to complain that his iPhone wasn’t working. In the end, he got the police to come out to his phone, but rather than somehow fixing his iPhone, they arrested him instead.

How Many Calls to 911 About Your iPhone Will Get You Arrested? Five

Michael Skopec’s Mug Shot
Source: Kendall County Sheriff’s Office

People call 911 for the strangest reasons: no lemonade at Burger King, no McNuggets at McDonalds, or your drug dealer didn’t give you change. But The Smoking Gun reported that on Wednesday, Michael Skopec of Bristol, Illinois decided that 911 was where he needed to lodge a complaint that his iPhone wasn’t working properly. Not just one call was made to the emergency dispatchers, Mr. Skopec placed  a total of five such calls. It is unknown if it was the problematic iPhone that was used to make these calls.

The local sheriff’s office finally traced the calls to Mr. Skopec’s home where he was intoxicated and uncooperative, and eventually arrested for obstructing or resisting a peace officer. He’s due to appear in court this week on misdemeanor charges.

Most modern police agencies and vehicles have a fair amount of technology at their disposal. However, most are not equipped with a roving Genius Bar.