For Sale: First in Line for iPad 2, Only $900

Apple’s not the only entity making money off of the iPad 2 launch day, as some folks have found willing buyers for their place in line to get one of the devices. Mashable reported that a college student named Amanda Foote got in line at the 5th Ave. Apple Store in Manhattan at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, and sold her spot for US$900.

Who would pay that much just to be first in line to get one of the devices? An app developer Hazem Sayed who is leaving on a business trip later this evening — he wanted to take a new iPad 2 with him, and was willing to pay for the opportunity to do so.

For her $900, Ms. Foote stayed in line for 40 hours, getting 3 hours and 10 minutes of sleep in the process. She also said in an interview (see below) that a random stranger jammed his fist into a box of donuts she was eating, staring at her as he walked away eating them. That’s kind of fun.

The real question, of course, is what Ms. Foote intends to do with her loot, and the answer is as obvious as can be: She plans on buying tickets to a Lady Gaga show. Hooray for enterprising entrepreneurs!

Mashable’s interview with Ms. Foote, as posted to YouTube